The Pantheon of Acusora is nominally respected and well-known across the entire world. While some of the world's civilizations have largely abandoned organized religions to these gods, one can almost always find some temple to one of the gods, if not all, though it might take some looking in the technologically advanced nation of Milpac or find a temple to a god other than Reorx in the Dwarf and Gnome-dominated Magnos.  Each of the gods of Acusora are pledged to the loose ideals of Good, Neutrality, or Evil, and balance is of paramount importance to the pantheon, for to lean too strongly toward the ideals of good or evil would result in a world tearing itself apart.

Below is a listing of each god, some examples of their portfolio of influence, and a link to greater detail about each god.

Gods of Good: The Gods of Good believe that teaching mortals to love order and law is the way to preserve the Balance. Their combined doctrine is encouragement, nurturing, and love. They defend the world and mortals from evil, but usually through mortals themselves. The Gods of Good are led by Paladine. They reside in the Dome of Creation, a plane of light and positive energy. The plane houses the essences of all the Gods of Good except Solinari, who remains closer to the world in his white moon.

  • Paladine — Charity, Redemption, Leadership, Law, Light
  • MishakalRestoration, Healing, Motherhood, Compassion, Protection
  • SolinariMagic, Good Wizards, Vigilance, Foresight, High Sorcery
  • BranchalaInspiration, Music, Poetry, Romance, Creativity
  • MajereDreams, Discipline, Enlightenment, Mind, Clarity
  • Kiri-JolithUnity, Justice, Courage, Justice, Honor
  • HabbakukPersistence, Animals, Nature, Life & Death, Sea

Gods of Neutrality: The Gods of Neutrality believe that mortals should exist in harmony with the world and make their own moral and faith related decisions. That makes them both a distant group of gods and an involved one at the same time. They promote elemental and conceptual truths as principles alone rather than tools towards an end. They have a strong presence in their particular domains, and keep the world from being in a constant state of conflict between Good and Evil. The Gods of Neutrality reside in the Hidden Vale, with the exception of Lunitari, who resides in the red moon to be closer to her wizards. It is a place of both shadow and light which meld together in perfection.

  • GileanKnowledge, Experience, Balance, Mediation, Libraries
  • ReorxCreation, Forge, Dwarves & Gnomes, Gamblers & Rogues, Metal
  • LunitariMagic, Neutral Wizards, Illusion, Freedom, High Sorcery
  • SirrionFire, Alchemy, Transformation, Passion, Growth
  • ShinareInteraction, Communication, Partnership, Enterprise, Merchants
  • ChislevInstinct, The Wild, Nature, Healing, Beasts
  • ZivilynWisdom, Understanding, Spirituality, Awareness, Enlightenment
  • MinaHope, Anguish, Independence, Darkness, Light

Gods of Evil: The Gods of Evil believe that they should direct the fate of mortals. They will willingly turn on one another if necessary.  The Gods of Evil reside in the Abyss, the source of negative energy, ending light and creation. There, the various fiends conspire, and their masters, the Gods of Evil, oversee the forces of wickedness and corruption. All the Gods of Evil reside here, with the exception of Nuitari, who houses his essence in the black moon.

  • TakhisisControl, Conquest, Domination, Dragons, Temptation
  • SargonnasFire, Wrath, Revenge, War, Treachery
  • NuitariMagic, Evil Wizards, Darkness, Ambition, Power, High Sorcery
  • ZeboimStrife, Anger, Raging Sea, Unpredictability, Water
  • ChemoshFatalism, Death, Undeath, Despair, Destiny
  • HiddukelExploitation, Betrayal, Misfortune, Deception, Profit
  • MorgionRats, Decay, Disease, Suffering, Pain


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