Paladine, also known as the Platinum Dragon, the Valiant Warrior, Fizban, and Draco Paladin, represented the godly force of majesty. He sponsors the soul's aspirations to rise to greater heights and to improve itself by following the example of others. He granted divine right to kings and rulers. Paladine's arch-rival is Takhisis. Paladine represents the power of redemption and righteousness can have on the world. He exemplifies glory and victory.

Paladine leads the other Gods of Good through his example. Paladine responds to the demands of the Kingpriest, who arrogantly demanded divine power, by casting a fiery mountain upon the world, causing the Ancient Cataclysm

Paladine later took the form of the absent-minded wizard Fizban the Fabulous to aid the Heroes of the Lance. After the heroes ended their quest, he had come to like the name and told Tasslehoff Burrfoot (a Halfling) that he would then on be called Fizban by Halflings.

Paladine was a patriarch of sorts to the Gods of Light. He was advised by Majere and was the partner of Mishakal. Kiri-Jolith and Habbakuk were also close to him. He respected the Gods of Neutrality with no special friends among them and opposed all Gods of Evil. His celestial symbol is the constellation Platinum Dragon.

Paladine's name came from an earlier Draco Paladin and referenced his draconic nature and his patronage of paladins.


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